In 1992, missionaries Dirk Wood and Steve Same were very involved in the works of Arise & Shine Evangelistic Association Philippines. Bible schools, church planting, evangelism, crusades and a Christian grade school were on-going. But it was in the midst of this activity that God spoke to Dirk. He said, “You will go to London and preach the Gospel to the nations gathered there.” To Dirk, it was like the call to Macedonia that Paul received. He didn’t know at the time that the book OPERATION WORLD had listed a prayer request for England saying, “Pray for more effective outreach...pray that...leaders with vision may lead the churches into action, wrest victory from the jaws of defeat and make an impact on the nation.” Steve Same soon felt the same call to go and the Wood and Same families left the ministry in the Philippines and moved to London, England in June of 1993.

Establishing a ministry in London did not prove easy. Most of the established church rejected their offers of assistance. The two ministers decided to follow the footsteps of William Booth, George Whitefield and John Wesley. They took the Good News of Jesus Christ to the streets, the pubs, the markets, the buses and the trains. They got much toe same results as the earlier reformers did. They were jailed, spit on, threatened, beat up, pushed around, mocked, had food thrown at them, etc. In the midst of the persecution, they have seen God move tremendously! People, including mockers, have been born-again. The Gospel message has been proclaimed through newspaper articles and television broadcasts on their ministry.

The purchase of a pub building was a major milestone in the ministry in London. The two families had thus far shared a two and one-half bedroom house, which put limits on all they could do. With the large facility, there is space for Bible studies, prayer meetings, outreach to the community, help for those in need, etc. ASEA now houses its Distance Bible School Program in London. Churches are encouraged to send teams to London to learn church history, evangelism and be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission in this great city. London is 70% foreigners from all over the world. It is cross-cultural evangelism at its best! OPERATION WORLD states:

“The mission field has come to Britain, but few stir themselves to win these people to Christ. The inner cities of urban England, and especially London, are spiritual wastelands from which evangelical Christians have fled and then forgotten. Dying congregations, closed churches, and churches converted into Muslim mosques or Hindu temples are commonplace. Pray that God may raise up an army of workers to tackle the desperate needs of these polyglot, polycultural areas.”


One night after a particularly hard night of persecution, Dirk heard God speak again. This time He said that He was going to give ASEA a building in central London. It seemed like an impossible task. The cost of real estate in London is staggering. Another pastor friend told Dirk and Steve that pubs were going out of business and being sold for good prices. After several months of looking around, The Crystal Tavern was found. It is located about two miles from the famous Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Its three stories included five very much needed bedrooms and an office. It seemed ideal. There was be plenty of space to make accommodations for visitors, too. An offer on the building was accepted! Dirk and Steve were told that 10% would be needed for a down-payment. This was a tremendous challenge since they had no money! Then the bank raised the required down-payment to 20%. Was this possible? Yes, God is able! Donations were made to cover half the purchase price. A Christian organization financed the remainder. More funds were donated over the next two years to renovate the building.

It was a working pub the day before ASEA moved it. The area was strongly opposed to loosing their “pub” and gaining a mission, but God brought it to pass and God has a plan and a purpose!

On going ministry in the city of London includes:

  • Friday and Saturday night evangelistic outreach in Leicester Square

  • Sunday evangelistic outreach at the famous Speaker’s Corner of Hyde Park

  • Saturday Bible “Pub” Club for the neighbourhood children

  • A Resource Library for Homeschoolers

  • Training Programs

  • Bible Studies