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Dirk & Elizabeth Wood


Dirk & Elizabeth Wood


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Dirk grew up in an unstable home, subjected to alcoholism and violence. Bitter, angry and without hope, he joined the U.S. Army when he was 19, and married 17-year-old Elizabeth. His time in the Service, and their first year of marriage, was turbulent. In December 1974, while stationed in Germany, Dirk and Elizabeth were supernaturally introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ. Their lives were dramatically and immediately changed, and Dirk experienced a direct call to preach God’s Word.

After his discharge, Dirk and Elizabeth returned to their hometown of Pensacola, Florida, USA. They both became very involved in the various activities of Liberty Church, and Dirk received his Master of Theology from Liberty Bible College. To fulfill God’s call, Dirk did extensive evangelistic work in the city. He later received his Doctorate of Theology and Ph.D. of Theology degrees from International Seminary.

In 1985, God called the Woods to the mission field; they landed in the Philippines in April 1986. Working with Filipino nationals, Dirk founded Arise & Shine Evangelistic Association. ASEA has grown to include evangelism training and outreaches; Schools of Bibliology; a Christian school for grades K through 10; a sponsorship program for underprivileged students; feeding programs; medical care for the poor; children’s Bible clubs; a fellowship of ministers; a seminary; and an accreditation center for Bible schools. Several missionaries work with the ASEA team, including their daughter, Michelle, and her husband, Craig Logan.

In 1993, God called the Woods to carry the ASEA vision to London, England. In 1995, Abigail Brittany Wood was born there. In 1996, ASEA purchased a former pub building in central London, renovated it, and turned it into “The London Outreach Center.” The Center has various functions: housing for ASEA staff; headquarters for a distance study program; an outreach center for evangelistic ministry, youth ministry and community service; facilities for group training programs, etc.

In 2002, the Wood Family began a new outreach to Cape Town, South Africa with the same ASEA vision to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, train nationals to evangelize and teach the great importance of God’s Word in the life of every believer. Dirk, Elizabeth and Abigail greatly appreciate your prayers!


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